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Wallpaper enemy of Batman
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Joker - Batman's number one enemy (the bat) in the comics and on-screen - is a mental bringing criminals face of a clown. Joker is one of the enemies that Batman has ever faced. Let's analyze the strengths and weaknesses of character is extremely interesting.
Joker a great enemy of Batman, despite an ordinary man, but he also has the physical strength that the enemy fears. Still not as good at martial arts, but the advantages of the Joker Batman located in flexible long legs, he can give a kick enemies quite painful, Joker's body had been impregnated in the chemical make him able to recover traces trade fairly quickly. Joker is quite quirky, but not a genius but he has flexible plans that the enemy by surprise. Joker is not affected by hypnosis, the poison of Poison Ivy, Scarecrow's fear gas or oil. Joker crazy so he does not identify with someone, this creates an advantage for the Joker because no one can threaten hostage by Joker, Harley Quinn even - Joker's lover - the Joker is also planned kill.
Joker strong because he will always surprise that not able to respond. It is said: "Criminals scare each other the story of Joker", those that fear him not because he was afraid of what powerful that in his mind. Even he himself did not know what to think or what to do. Though near death but still keep smiling Joker madness on his lips. Batman Joker as well as weaknesses. Who knows Batman's Joker but Joker did not care, he just wanted to Batman and he is obsessed with Batman. Many say Joker "love" Batman, but just 50-50. Sometimes be misguided obsessions of love, quite childish to close Joker Batman.
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