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CaRP Evolution - Indispensable Tool
Score: 2
Just a quick shout out to Antone and his amazing scripts. I've been using CaRP Evolution for many years now. Oddly enough, I use it very little for pulling in feeds from other sites. I mainly use it for pulling in data from a single site to different sections using many custom RSS feeds.

All the best in 2016 Antone!
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Score: 2
This is an amazingly versatile suite of tools. So many things you can do with it that I bet even Antone doesn't know what some of them are.
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Score: 1
I'm sure you're right, Dane. Sometimes I wish I could clone myself a few times and put my others selves to work on some of the ideas I have, or have them explore more possibilities.

It'd be interesting to hear about some of the uses you're putting the tools to.
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