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CarpMapField - regular expression mapping
Score: 1
Does anyone have an example of regular expression mapping from html image width and height in a newsfeed to Carp's imagewidth, imageheight ? Thanks
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Podcast Plugin - WordPress Audio Player
Score: 1
Hi Antone, I've been using the podcast plugin in a number of instances and was wondering if it is possible, when in a WordPress environment, to use the built-in Audio Player when using the HTML5 optio
Replies: 0
Using CARP Evolution with Tetra...
Score: 1
Can I still Use Tetra with Carp? Thanks for all Your Fine Products... If so... How? I still have all the ReadMe Documents I got with Tetra and CARP but, the latest Carp does not mention Tetra... P
Replied: - Replies: 2
CaRP Evolution - Indispensable Tool
Score: 2
Just a quick shout out to Antone and his amazing scripts. I've been using CaRP Evolution for many years now. Oddly enough, I use it very little for pulling in feeds from other sites. I mainly use it f...
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Display message if timeout reached
Score: 1
Hi, I would like to display a message when a feed cannot be loaded because of timeout reached or because feed doesn't exist anymore. Do you have any suggestions ? Thanks.

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