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Critical-Mass Blogging Teams

(with a critical mass of material, a nuclear reaction becomes self-sustaining)

"Together, We're Stronger" ™

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African Free Press

AFP Limited

All Review Blogs

In this Group I welcome blogs which review products and also blogs that accept guest reviews. I have group of high quality blogs, I don't post them here but can share it privately.

All Things Japan

This is for all things related to Japan

Blogging and Social Media

Blogging team for bloggers blogging about blogging and social media...on their blogs. :-)

DigiTechMantra Bloggers

DigiTechMantra is a great platform for internet or digital marketing business where you can learn as well as share ideas about social media trends, affiliate marketing, SEO, SEM and online business.

Emergency and Disaster Survival

For those who have a blog related to Emergency preparedness, survival or prepping.

Encouraging Kindness

This team is for blogs who want to inspire others to be better people. If you are tired of the large number of inappropriate sites on the web and want to be part of promoting uplifting content that spreads hope and optimism, you're in the right place.

Family, Life, Parenting, & Relationships

Blogging team for bloggers who write about family, life, parenting, and relationships (any, either, or) on their blogs.

Freedom Press

This team is for bloggers that like to share a variety of ideas that do not always follow a general category.

Health and Natural Solutions

First time would except any help I can get

Health--Alternative, Holistic, Nutrition

Horses, Horsemanship and Equine Learning

This group is for you if you have a horse blog or a horse business website and blog. It is particularly relevant if you prefer the gentler approach with the emphasis on relationship with your horse.


I blog for Academy Fence Company and have been a follower of Antone Roundy's work for some time now. The Academy Fence Blog already has a small network of other blogs who share riffs and I'm looking forward to seeing how this develops.


We talk about home decoration, gardening, hobbies, crafts, and what to do during leisure time, including activities such as gym and sports or camping.

Marketing Bloggers A-Team

This is the original Team on this site. It's open to ethical bloggers with marketing blogs.

Philosophy and Religion

The purpose of this team is to challenge intellectually all of our readers into a new way of thinking, that has as a goal to help them live a better life.