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Critical-Mass Blogging Teams

(with a critical mass of material, a nuclear reaction becomes self-sustaining)

"Together, We're Stronger" ™

Imagine how your blog could grow with up to 57 blogging friends linking to your posts, sharing them on social media, and posting comments.

Philosophy and Religion

   Leader: Andreas
The purpose of this team is to challenge intellectually all of our readers into a new way of thinking, that has as a goal to help them live a better life.

Freedom Press

   Leader: paul
This team is for bloggers that like to share a variety of ideas that do not always follow a general category.

Encouraging Kindness

   Leader: Gavin
This team is for blogs who want to inspire others to be better people. If you are tired of the large number of inappropriate sites on the web and want to be part of promoting uplifting content that spreads hope and optimism, you're in the right place.

African Free Press

   Leader: simon
AFP Limited

All Review Blogs

   Leader: Jane
In this Group I welcome blogs which review products and also blogs that accept guest reviews. I have group of high quality blogs, I don't post them here but can share it privately.

Marketing Bloggers A-Team

   Leader: Antone Roundy
This is the original Team on this site. It's open to ethical bloggers with marketing blogs.

Blogging and Social Media

   Leader: Antone Roundy
Blogging team for bloggers blogging about blogging and social media...on their blogs. :-)

DigiTechMantra Bloggers

   Leader: Gangadhar Kulkarni
DigiTechMantra is a great platform for internet or digital marketing business where you can learn as well as share ideas about social media trends, affiliate marketing, SEO, SEM and online business.


   Leader: allabor
We talk about home decoration, gardening, hobbies, crafts, and what to do during leisure time, including activities such as gym and sports or camping.

If your blog deserves more traffic, more links, and more excitement than it's getting, you've come to the right place, because we want you on our team. Together, we'll push all of our blogs to the next level.

Join us (for free) to get more:

  • friends and allies in your industry.
  • social proof for your blog.
  • natural in-bound links from related content.
  • motivation to keep blogging.
  • ideas for what to blog about.
  • people helping your blog grow.

There's no need to spend any money or go black hat. Just join a Critical-Mass Blogging Team -- it's 100% free.

Here's What To Do:

Set up:
  1. Register or sign in (it's free).
  2. Complete the "Blogging Teams" section of your profile (name, photo, and other information are also recommended).
  3. List your blogs*.
  4. Join or create up to 3 Teams. Invite your friends to join too.
  5. Subscribe to your Team RSS feed in a feed reader (we recommend Blog Riffer, which we built from the ground up for blogging, sharing, and curation).
  1. Share your Team members' blog posts. (You don't have to spam your social networks -- if you're on the right Team, you'll naturally find things you'll want to share.)
  2. Comment on your Team members' blog posts.
  3. Post Blog Riffs on your blog, based on quotes from your Team members' blogs.
  1. Guest blog for your Team members, or accept guest posts from them on your blog.
  2. Get to know your Team members. Spend a little time on video chat via Skype, Google Hangouts, or in our Video Chat Room.
* Don't bother listing spam blogs, auto blogs, and other low quality blogs that no one is going to share, comment or Riff on. You won't get any benefit. In fact, they'll just make you less likely to get on a good Team.

What's "Blog Riffing"?

Blog Riffing is a simple, yet powerful, method for creating original content, building relationships, and boosting your traffic, all at the same time.

Simply put, it's writing blog posts that are inspired by somebody else's blog posts (ie. your teammates), and including a link back to the post that inspired you.

Read more about Blog Riffing in the post that started it all. Discover strategies for taking it to the next level by registering for your free email subscription to our training course, High Impact Blog Riffing.

It's Free

Critical-Mass Blogging Teams are 100% free to anyone registered on this site (which is free).

Why not charge for it? For one thing, we want to strengthen our blogs too!

Plus, I know that a lot of good blogs don't naturally rise to the top without help. I want to see other good blogs lifted, so that you can have the success you deserve, and we can all find more good stuff to read.

Read more about the "Critical-Mass" philosophy.