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Gecko Tribe Customer Blog Network

You have BlogRiffer if you've purchased any of the following:
  • BlogRiffer (Full Version)
  • The RSS Super Pack
  • CaRP Evolution version 4 (before the core script became free - not the plugins pack)
  • CaRP's MySQL plugin, Lobster, and Lobster's Atom Publishing Protocol or plugin

The Gecko Tribe Customer Blog Network is a blog network/directory exclusively for users of BlogRiffer (see box to the rightbelow). Anyone can view the directory, but only BlogRiffer owners can list their blogs.

"What Will This Network Do For Me?"

  • Find good blogs to follow for inspiration (blogs in the network are member-rated, so the best will rise to the top).
  • Expose your blog to people who are looking for blogs to subscribe to for inspiration, who'll blog about and link to your posts.
  • Build relationships with other bloggers by blogging about and linking to their blogs on a regular basis.
  • If your blog is rated highly by other members, you'll get extra exposure by having your blog aggregated into "top blogs" RSS feeds for each tag.

"What WON'T This Network Do For Me?"

  • The network is not accessible to search engines, so you won't get any SEO value simply by listing your blogs. If your blogs are good, you'll get SEO value when other members blog about and link to your blogs.
  • The network won't convince people to read, blog about, or link to a junky spam blog, so there's no benefit to submitting those types of blogs. Submit your real blogs that you post good quality, original content to.